The most powerful Mitsubishi Evolution X?


One upon a time, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO series had one of the most powerful 2.0-liter inline-four engines in the world, today, not so much, as the current base model’s 291hp unit has been surpassed even BY Mercedes-Benz abd its A45 AMG performance hatch that delivers an output of 355hp (360PS).

But the thing with EVOs and their lovely turbocharged engines is that they can be pushed far past what most people think possible. How far? Well, it all depends on how much money, time and effort one wants to put in the tuning process.

We can’t independently verify the claim (if you have proof stating otherwise, please tell us in the comments), but according to the folks featured in this clip from ‘1320Video’, the most potent EVO X in the world up until now, was dyno-rated at 816 all-wheel horsepower (AWHP).

That number was shattered by a specially tuned EVO X owned by a one “Chase”, and built by 3D Motorsports with help from DKT Performance and Daves Crankshaft. The car was dyno-tested at an amazing 908 AWHP.