Volvo builds a 2,400-hp custom truck to crush land-speed records


The ‘Iron Knight’ is 9,920 pounds of recording-breaking fury

Since it tips the scales at almost 10,000 pounds, you might not expect Volvo’s custom-built “Iron Knight” big rig to take on anything more than a trailer full of cargo. Instead, the 2,400-hp and 4,425 lb-ft of torque oil burner will challenge the standing 1,620-foot and 3,240-foot land speed records. Taking care of sending the immense power to the rear wheels is the relatively quick I-Shift dual-clutch automatic, which should be faster than rowing an unruly big rig transmission’s gears.

Aside from the hilarious amount of power, Volvo did as much aerodynamic cheating as possible and features a fiberglass cab, with air ducts in the side skirts to help keep the engine cool.  


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