Did Acura destroy a Ferrari 458 for its NSX research?


Honda engineers liked the 458 so much, they cut it apart

While it’s common practice for automakers to buy competitors’ cars for benchmarking purposes, it’s not often that we, the fans, find out about it. Not so with the Acura NSX. A few weeks ago we heard about the letter Porsche left in the Honda-owned Porsche 911 GT3

During the development of the latest Acura NSX, Honda apparently purchased a Ferrari 458 for the engineers to dissect. The team at Honda dismantled the Italia to learn its secrets, and then, according to an insider, put the remains in trash cans at Honda’s research and development facility. 

The folks at Honda were taken aback by how well the Italian supercar was assembled and hopefully used some of Ferrari’s techniques when developing the NSX. Even if Honda didn’t use any of Ferrari’s ideas, the results are still the same — the latest NSX is impressive, and somewhere, there’s a shredded Ferrari 458. Pity.

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