Tesla Pick-up Truck Confirmed in Elon Musk’s “Master Plan Part 2″


Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk recently revealed part two of his so called ‘Master Plan’ for revolutionizing the mobility industry. Whereas part one of his plan, released a decade ago, mainly consisted of passenger cars and creating a home battery, part two of his master plan sees Tesla’s focus being shifted more towards public transport and mobility solutions on a larger scale.

The next phase however does include a few other passenger vehicles, including a pick-up truck and a compact SUV. The first all-electric pick-up truck comes at a time when other manufacturers similarly are working on entering the pick-up truck market, one of them being Mercedes-Benz. Pick-up trucks are especially popular in the Americas and it seems like the spectrum of choices for pick-up truck lovers will significantly increase the coming five to ten years.

At the same time Musk indicated that there are no plans for introducing an EV that is more affordable than the recently released Model 3. While more details on Tesla’s move towards public transport will be released early next year, there is plenty to expect from Tesla in the mean time. Elon Musk said that Tesla is currently working on a car-sharing platform and will further increase its solar power activities. It was last month when Tesla confirmed its interest in taking over solar energy company ‘Solarcity’ with the intention to integrate solar roofs with its home batteries.

Musk also said Tesla will continue its efforts in the area of autonomous driving despite the recent incident that caused the American SEC to start an investigation into Tesla’s autopilot. Musk emphasized that autopilot is still in the beta phase and the beta label won’t be removed until autopilot is roughly 10 times safer than the U.S. vehicle average.


One thought on “Tesla Pick-up Truck Confirmed in Elon Musk’s “Master Plan Part 2″

  1. A pickup truck needs a removable, easily replaceable box. Boxes get damaged on the job site without damaging the rest of the vehicle. It’s a loading/unloading problem. As well, one does not want what is in the box coming through into the cab with a fast stop, no matter what; a flying front end loader tranny is no joke.


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