Michael Schumacher condition 2016: F1 legend is ‘responding well to treatment’ but full recovery still far off

Michael Schumacher, the 47-year-old F1 star, still has loads of fans ardently waiting for news on his recovery. He suffered several bone and brain injuries from a fatal accident while skiing in the French Alps back in 2013, and is still bedridden after years of treatments. His family has requested a media blackout regarding his condition, since there have been constant false reports on his health ever since.

The stricken former F1 car racer’s condition is still unconfirmed, according to a report from Parent Herald. His manager Sabine Kehm accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award for Schumacher on his behalf last May 27, and gave fans the news that he still has hope for recovery. Schumacher may just go back to racing when he recovers, and that his willpower and discipline should get him through this ordeal. The F1 racer’s skills are recognized by the entire community, and many are still hoping for updates on his well-being.
The former head of Ferrari, Luca Di Montezemolo, also recently shared his thoughts on an interview in Rome. The businessman mentioned that he is “responding well to treatment”, and is pleased to say that he is “reacting”. However, Schumacher’s family and friends would not give any more news as to his condition, only that he is on the road to recovery and that they hope his determination and strength would get him back to top form soon.
According to CrossMap, however, he seems to still be immobile. He is also unable to speak and has a team of fifteen medical staff on his aid at all times. This medical team is being led by Professor Jeam Francois Payen, who headed the procedure for his brain operation after his fatal accident. He is currently residing in his Swiss mansion’s medical suite near Lake Geneva. He has limited awareness of his surroundings, but he is responding well to his treatment.
Sportrageous, on the other hand, mentions that Peter Hamlyn, a neurological and spinal surgeon and consultant, says it may take years for Schumacher to fully recover. Even more possible is him never fully regaining complete use of his body. However, there is still no concrete news on his progress, so fans can keep hoping that he is doing well.

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