New McLaren 570S Sprint to make global debut at Goodwood 2016

The new McLaren 570S Sprint will make its global debut this week as it takes on the Hill at Goodwood. It will be showcased at the Supercar Paddock, alongside the McLaren P1™ GTR, 650S Can-Am, 570S Coupé and the 675LT Coupé. A second Sprint model will be showcased privately for McLaren guests next to Goodwood House.

The 570S Sprint, based on the 570S Coupé, is McLaren’s ‘most track-focused’ model in the Sports Series line-up. McLaren claim it is purely for owners ‘to enjoy on the track’, without any of the restrictions of the Race Series.
The Sprint has been built around the carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis, shared with all Sports Series models. The power and torque levels have been optimised to enhance the driver engagement, as well as the noise, as it powers around the track. 

The front bumper of the Sprint is designed to pierce through the air, separating the airflow above, below and through the bodywork. Combined with other aerodynamic upgrades, such as a large carbon fibre fixed rear wing and front dive planes, the Sprint generates the highest level of downforce on any Sports Series model.

The 570S Sprint features enhanced cooling through the GT3-inspired high temp radiator, and the double wishbones and anti-roll bars are shared with the suspension system seen on the 570S Coupé.

The 570S Sprint has not been homologated, although you can upgrade to a GT4 compliance pack. The Sprint was developed in parallel to the 570S GT4, which is currently completing its final testing phase in the British GT Championship. 

Deliveries of the 570S Sprint start in 2017, with prices starting from £148,000.


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