Would you buy a Škoda?

Czech division grabs trademarks in the U.S. as its lineup expands, report says
Volkswagen’s Skoda brand is considering selling cars in the U.S., The 121-year-old Czech marque has been a part of Volkswagen since 1991 and has a significant presence in most of Europe, as well as in China.
The automaker has already filed several trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including those for the Skoda Octavia sedan, Superb sedan and Yeti compact SUV.
Skoda occupies a spot below Volkswagen in the VW Group hierarchy, with its models aimed at slightly lower price points, though the differences are negligible — the automaker markets several near-luxury models such as the Superb. Recent Skoda models have stretched the brand upward, with impressive customer-satisfaction and build-quality ratings elevating Skoda above VW in brand perception in some European markets. The brand has recorded substantial growth year over year in multiple countries, with its profit margins surpassing Audi during the first quarter of 2016, Automotive News Europe notes. The Czech automaker’s lineup is continuing to expand, with the large, seven-seat Kodiaq SUV viewed as a vehicle suited to the North American market.


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