Lap the Nurburgring in a Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron has been doing some hot laps of the Nurburgring, and Car Throttle’s Alex Kersten was lucky enough to ride shotgun for one. At the helm of the quad-turbo W16 hypercar is the man who controls the madness: Bugatti president and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer.
He gets up to about 200 mph on the fastest part of the track, but the lap — paced by a couple of Bentley Bentaygas — was otherwise surprisingly tame. Dürheimer goes on calmly about the changes they made to the Chiron as Alex from Car Throttle screams his head off, attempting to keep hold of his camera.
It’s tough not to get excited about this sort of thing, so we thought we’d share it with you. Enjoy riding shotgun in the $2.6 million rocket ship Bugatti calls a car. 

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