2017 Audi RS3

The new Audi RS3 Sportback could soon be joined by a sedan companion, according to a new report out of Europe today.

Talk of an extra-hot RS3 sedan stretches back to at least the 2011 unveiling of the Audi A3 sedan concept – and while Audi had steered clear of confirming the small RS3 sedan for production, the 2014 debut of the A3 Clubsport Quattro ensured that the idea remained front and centre for Audi RS fans.

For now, the most powerful offering in the sedan range is the S3, powered by a 206kW (221kW in Europe) and 380Nm turbo four, while the RS3 Sportback is driven by a significantly more potent 2.5-litre turbo five-cylinder engine with 270kW and 465Nm on tap.

Such an offering in the A3 sedan range would undoubtedly go a long way with fans of the shape – while giving Audi a clear rival to the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45.

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